Energy Efficiency

The EPA ENERGY STARĀ® program estimates that 20-30% of utility bills is wasted energy. These wasted dollars can be redirected from the utility bill to pay for the financing of the new energy efficient equipment needed to realize these savings.



Energy saving technologies are tried and proven, and getting better all the time. These technologies include:

  • Lighting
  • Space heating and cooling
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Motors and drives
  • Manufacturing equipment, etc.

Catalyst will structure the financing of your energy improvements so that the energy savings are greater than the financing cost, resulting in a net positive cash flow gain for your organization.

With energy efficient equipment, time is your enemy. The longer you wait to install, the more of your dollars go to the utilities. In fact, the energy inefficiencies of most projects are so large, that one year of energy waste is far greater than all the interest paid up to a 10 year financing period.